Collage Anyone?


Introducing, the LAST WHISPERS OF SUMMER COLLECTION, including some of your favorite posts from my summer snaps.

Choose from the suggested collage photo sets below. For the three photo package deal, choose any two larger photos (from columns A and C) with your third choice being from the smaller photos in the middle row B. For the two photo package, choose any two. But be quick, this is a limited time only collage offer. It ends November 30th. Enjoy! (Photos are available in the sizes provided only.)

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If you get the inside right; the outside will fall into place.~ Eckhart Tolle


Choose from 5 X 7 (with 4 X 4 smaller square photo), 8 X 10 (with 5 X 5 smaller square photo), or 11 X 14 (with 6 X 6 smaller square photo).

How To Order:

Simply choose your favorite collection and click on any photo in any collage to order.

Collage 1: includes one 10 X 10 square photo and two 4 X 6 rectangular photos.

Collage 2: includes two 5 X 7 rectangular photos and two 4 X 6.

Collage 3: Includes three 5 X 5 photos or 8 X 8’s your choice.

Collage 4: Includes three 5 X 5 photos or 8 X 8’s your choice

Cling to magic wherever you might find it 💙

You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world. ~ Oprah Winfrey. 💕

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